The Consolidated Credit Union Youth Engagement Centre opened it’s doors and began programming in July 2016. The facility is now home to nine amazing programs, and is utilized by numerous community groups.


The Youth Engagement Centre (YEC) is a safe, supportive place where youth and their families can come to build healthy relationships, discover their hopes and dreams, learn valuable skills for life, and ultimately achieve their goals through structured preventative programming.


Our vision is that all youth and their families have the skills necessary to overcome life’s challenges and achieve their goals with strength, resilience, love and support.


The Youth Engagement Centre provides social, recreational, creative and educational opportunities for youth ages 12 – 19 and their families, with a strong focus on supporting overall health and wellbeing.  We are committed to providing opportunities that allow youth to explore their interests in a safe and supportive environment. We strive to inspire positive change in our community by engaging young people and their families in programs designed to meet their needs. We provide the tools necessary to help our members make positive life choices and set realistic attainable goals. Our trained and dedicated staff team have adopted a strength based approach in their work, which focuses on our members’ skills, interests, and support systems to achieve positive outcomes.

Our Logo

The elephant in our logo is a symbol that represents empathy, strength, resilience and family. Elephants can teach us that trust, commitment, and communication is very powerful and essential to healthy relationships.  Elephants are intelligent, self-aware individuals who possess a tremendous sense of family, empathy and community.